Revolutionizing Sexual EMBODIMENT: DISCOVERING & 
Reclaiming Your Authentic Expression

At the core of my work lies what I see as the blueprint foundation of relationship: the Three Tiers of Relationship, a framework that unravels the layers of our sexual disembodiment.
These tiers encompass the Personal, Familial, and Collective realms, each bearing the weight of our distorted perceptions and experiences.

ar too long, societies across the globe have perpetuated sexual oppression and disconnection, leaving us feeling detached and separate from our own body and its pleasures. The profound impact of this repression on our ability to forge healthy relationships with our innate sexuality cannot be ignored. It's time to break free from the chains of trauma and reclaim our sexual experiences in a way that is most aligned with our authentic nature.


THE THREE TIERS of relationship

3. The Collective tier reveals the wider societal influences that shape our sexual narratives. From conflicting intersectional identities to cultural beliefs steeped in shame and guilt surrounding sex and sexuality, these external forces further entrench our struggle reuniting with our authentic nautre.

2. With the Familial tier, we confront the indirect influences we absorb from within the system of our family's culture. Here, we uncover the impact of shaming, guilt, and the beliefs and behaviors around sex, sexuality, and pleasure that were modeled and instilled to us by our caregivers and family of origin. Witnessing infidelity as a child, having caregivers who are survivors or transgressors of sexual trauma, internalized racism, homo/queer phobia,  are just a few examples.

1. The Personal tier delves into the conscious and unconscious associations we have internalized about our sex, sexuality, and our pleasure. It encompasses experiences such as surviving sexual transgressions, microaggressions, beliefs we internalized about our body and our pleasure we split off from in protection of our authentic nature. 


It's time to meet and dissolve the shackles of the past and embark on a path of sexual empowerment. Join me in reclaiming your authentic expression and embracing a life of pleasure, connection, and intimacy that is your innate nature.

Through this process, you will cultivate a deeper understanding of your desires and rediscover the power of owning your sexual and bodily sovereignty. Whether it's fostering a healthier relationship with yourself or navigating current and future partnerships, I am here to guide you towards a liberated and fulfilling sexual existence that is rooted in our authentic nature.

By understanding the intricate interplay of these Three Tiers of Relationship, we can begin to meet and dissolve these limiting beliefs and reclaim our sexual autonomy and come into harmonious relationship with our authentic nature. Together, we will embark on a transformative journey to explore the foundations of your personal blueprint, unravel your sexual narratives, and address the nonverbal barriers that get in the way of the intimacy, connection, and pleasure you deserve.

We all deserve ownership over our own sexual and body sovereignty.
    We all deserve deeply nourishing intimacy and connection.

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