estern culture, has a profound emphasis on being ‘separate,’ and defending our individuality. In balance, differentiation creates a foundation we need for deep intimacy. To stay connected to myself, when connected to you, is how we allow ourselves to be truly seen and known at the deepest level.

However, when we perceive ‘ourselves’ as separate, instead of perceiving ourselves as perpetually in relationship with others, we desensitize ourselves from empathy, relational attunement, and ultimately, from the connection that we all crave. It is often overlooked how important our relationships are. The majority of trauma we experience happens in relationships, that what permeates us all is our relationships with our partner(s), with our families and our communities. Authentic relationships and being authentic in relationships are what heals us, from the inside out. 



Relationships are the cornerstone of our well-being. Our primary sources of both joy and pain are our interactions with our partners, families, and communities. That's why I prioritize the cultivation of genuine connections and being authentic to ourselves within our relationships, as this is where true healing begins.

My approach is grounded in somatics and attachment oriented, utilizing a variety of modalities tailored to you and your partner(s) specific needs. These include Sensate Focus, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), nonviolent communication, somatic techniques, psychodynamics, and mindfulness. By delving deep into your unique relational blueprint, we help you identify and break free from the unhealthy patterns and cycles that keep you from being truly known in your partnership. 


My services encompass a wide range of relationship challenges and growth opportunities.

Whether you seek to:

I understand that healing requires a holistic approach. Together, we will explore how your nervous system responds to perceived threats and develop self-regulation techniques that foster co-regulation with your partner(s). Through this internal journey, you will gradually rewire unconscious patterns, bring awareness to your insecurities, and transform them into creating a conscious foundation that builds security overtime, both within yourself and in your partnership.

  • Ignite the flame of romance
  • Navigate desire discrepancies
  • Heal from trauma
  • Exploring/affirming gender identities together
  • Multicultural relationship support
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Find common emotional language 
  • Cultivate intimacy
  • Heal from rupture through repair 
  • Rebuild after infidelity 
  • Navigate conscious conflict
  • Embark on erotic recovery
  • Explore/Navigate non-monogamy/ CNM
  • Delve into kinky fantasies
  • or even consciously uncouple

I will support you every step of the way.

Embark on this transformative journey and embrace the power of genuine relationships. Contact ME today to begin your path towards healing and deep connection.

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