onnecting to our authenticity in relationship with ourselves, through relationship with another is what heals us, from the inside out. 

Samantha Elisabetta Tomarchio is a licensed marriage and family therapist, adjunct psychology professor, workshop facilitator, and an all things sex and relationship aficionado.  Her drive to be in the presence of our deepest and innermost experience has guided her to pursue an embodied path to healing and awakening into the truth of our authenticity from the inside out. Her approach to healing work in all aspects of life, both clinical and creative, is mindful, body-centric, and nervous system focused. She orients her work towards connecting to the sensational and spiritual depth of our somatic and psychological experience. 


awakening your authenticity from the inside out is the deepest intimacy.


Sam has extensive experience working with diverse individuals and couples from varying racial and cultural backgrounds. She is welcoming, inclusive, and acknowledging of intersectional identities, culturally collectivist, and of those who identify as alternative relationships and poly/kink+.

am is dedicated to diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice for all bodies, especially for BIPOC + LGBTQIA + Sex Worker + Poly/Kink+ communities.


able to love again

"I've tried therapy in the past with a different therapist & wasn't getting far.
working with Sam, I finally feel safe. I'm learning more each session & sam's methods have helped me reach further than ever before in my life. i'm learning love again."