Sam’s approach to psychotherapy is deepening individuals, couples, and groups to their relationship with themselves, with one’s partner(s), in connection with their families and communities they associate and identify with, through a here and now, somatic, and an attachment-based approach.

As leading holistic M.D. Gabor Mate expresses, "the impact of trauma is not what happened to us, but it is what happened inside of us.” The healing journey of psychotherapy is learning to become aware of those hurt, disliked, disowned, repressed, and even oppressed parts of us that keep from being and expressing our authenticity. The work is to integrate, reclaim, and restore connection with the most authentic parts of ourselves, from the inside out.
Sam offers a trauma-informed, sex-positive, intersectional, and social justice-oriented frame that is rooted in attachment theory, depth psychology, and body-oriented approaches to psychotherapy. Her passion for helping individuals, couples, families, and groups heal and recover from personal, collective, and intergenerational traumas and ruptures is held in connection with honoring each individual’s expression of self with another from the inside out.

Aside from being a therapist, Samantha is also an artist, athlete, and spiritual practioner of Advaita Tantra.
She has practiced dance and embodied movement from an early age, was a professional figure skater on Team USA for twelve years, and a performance artist in New York City.
Samantha actively maintains relationship and community base within her ancestral origin lands of Sicily, Italy, in which she spends her Winters and Summers with her teacher in active practice of Advaita.

Sam’s drive to be in the presence of our deepest and innermost experience has guided her to pursue an embodied path to healing and awakening into the truth of our authenticity from the inside out. Her approach to healing work in all aspects of life, both clinical, creative, and spiritual, is body-centric and nervous system focused. She orients her work towards connecting to the sensational and spiritual depth of our somatic and psychological experience. 

Sam is an Italian/Sicilian-American, Californian transplant from the East Coast, USA. Samantha is a Trauma, Sex, and Relationship Psychotherapist in private practice in California working virtually and occasionally in person for workshops, retreats, and intensives. Her clientele extends from San Diego, LA, to the Bay Area and Napa, California. In addition to her private practice, Samantha teaches as an adjunct psychology professor in the Integral Counseling Psychology Master’s Program at CIIS.

amantha Elisabetta Tomarchio, is a licensed marriage and family therapist, adjunct psychology professor, workshop facilitator, and an all things sex and relationship aficionado. Samantha earned her Masters Degree in Integral Counseling Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco, CA and her Bachelors Degree at Hofstra University in New York. 



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